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Thank you for visiting my site and for exploring how you can reach optimal wellness, be your very best, and live a life of purpose and meaning. I hope we meet soon. I wrote lots down below - yet the first paragraph or two covers it. Some people need to know more - so read on if that's you. Personally, I'd fall asleep if I had to read that much about someone who may or may not be interesting or helpful to me. Meeting in person is so much more real.


BA, English Literature, University of Dallas 

Pepperdine University School of Law,  and University of Dallas in Public Policy, Law, Human Behavior, College Counseling, Business

Founder, Bio-Spiritual Alignment  

Certified BodyTalk Practitioner

Founder, Mind Body Sports Performance Institute (MSPI)

Institute for Integrative Nutrition certified Health Coach

My purpose in life is to (re)awaken the presence of Love on the planet so that all beings may be happy. I've done much work on myself to help my ego (begin to) fade and to be in recognition of what it is to be authentically me. It's an amazing journey. Staying in the joy and the love are what I'm present to being in each moment - well - ideally. :) 

I AM a former NCAA Athlete and Head Basketball Coach. Currently, I am a practitioner of Mind-body spirit medicine, a health coach, and I also lecture and teach on the subject of what it takes to feel great and live in the joy. I teach BodyTalk Access, sustainable selfcare, lead meditation sessions and other Consciousness-based classes about how to eat and live better in a simple way. I developed the Quantum Bio-Spiritual Alignment system after a long silent meditation retreat and years of work as an intuitive, an NCAA head basketball coach, and a holistic healthcare practitioner and conscious eater. I have nearly two decades of experience as a coach - both in coaching talented athletes - and in helping people find Remarkable Wellness for themselves and their families. Recently, I founded the MindBody Sports Performance Institute MSPI with some other really cool people.

My clients say that receiving a session from me is best described as an experience. People leave feeling lighter, more hopeful, clearer-minded and most often they notice their physical symptoms fading or disappearing altogether. Often when I follow up, my client and I have a good laugh when I say - how is your knee and they say my knee? and realize that they haven't thought about it. My work doesn't depend on drugs and medicines or invasive procedures to create a picture of health, wellness and EXUBERANCE in clients. Really, shouldn't this just be the norm? It's so simple. I am merely facilitating or activating the infinite wisdom so your body and brain and heart can bring about a better balance. Now that's empowerment.

People often ask me if what I do is spiritual. The answer is definitely yes and also no, and that's because of both who I am and what I do. However the sessions I offer are not about me telling someone how to "be spiritual" and it's not faith based. That's sacred and personal. I can only say that the God Consciousness is always in my work. It's what we are made of - so it could not be otherwise. What I have found is that as we realize the truth that our expanded awareness outside of our body is more us than our body - we heal. I hold space for the physical body to release attachments and thoughts that contribute to illness or pain, so my spiritual practice is of utmost importance in benefitting my clients. It so important to be around someone who sees our magnificence in spite of a material appearance, don't you think?  Your true nature is magnificence.

For the past couple of years I have been calling myself the spiritual gangsta of underground medicine. This is because there is so much the general public has not been made aware of, and I've taken it on as my purpose. The connection of food to health is an important and often missed connection. And it can be such a quick way to feel better and more energetic. I'm teaching about food and nutrition and offering the Bio-Spiritual Alignment Session in living rooms, hotel conference rooms, and at kitchen tables across America. There is no reason each person shouldn't have access to non-invasive, safe healthcare. Please enjoy the site and e-mail me when you're ready to book an appointment. I do in-person sessions and distance sessions.  My clients have come from NY, California, Michigan, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Florida, Tennessee, North Carolina, Oregon, Washington, Arizona, Missouri, Russia, Brazil, Canada, and more. 

In the session there is a shift that occurs because clients release old belief systems and patterns and emotions and eating habits and thoughts that no longer serve them. Transformation IS healing. I'm an avid student - now and always of the greats including Deepak Chopra, MD, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Mona Lisa Schultz, Marianne Williamson,  Dr. David Hawkins, Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith, Greg Braden, Norman Cousins, other doctors who have revolutioniezed healthcare, and so many others. 

Metaphysical Medicine is the way to approach healing for deep level results. Laura is the Founder of Sustainable and Spiritual Selfcare classes and the Bio-Spiritual Alignment System, and Quantum-Bio Sports Medicine. She offers this work to clients for improvements in all areas of life. Laura has trained in the Accunect System and is a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner and a BodyTalk Access Trainer. She has completed PaRama College of BodyTalk - the most advanced and Quantum level of BodyTalk. More importantly, Laura, recognizes that it's not just the training to help others be healthy, but recognizing the journey within that best offers her clients a shift in healing. Laura's purpose is to be of service to you in the areas of health and well-being, wellness coaching, and human and athlete development.

What is a Metaphysician?

A Metaphysician helps people learn how to change their reality by working with the underlying thoughts and emotions that cause the problems and create manifestations of suffering. This is a different kind of doctor, one who works with the energy that creates disease and illness, rather than treating the resulting symptoms in the physical body or reality. It is most important to reach deeper into the roots of the problems, the etheric layers where it all starts in pre-matter. By changing the inner landscape, the outer landscape, as pertains to the universal laws of nature, must change with it." —Christine Breese

Laura enjoys the gentle and non-invasive approach of the emerging form of healthcare she practices, as well as the opportunity  to connect with patients and give them a chance to feel listened to by their healthcare practitioner. She sees the patient as partner in the healing process and knows that their story is indeed part of the healing process.

Laura's practice includes being of service to clients with general health and wellness issues, ongoing health problems, mystery illnesses or conditions, performance enhancement for dancers and musicians, intuitive player development and athlete development, sports injuries, and she also works with elite athletes and those wishing to become elite. Laura is a practicing member of the International BodyTalk Association and the Association of Bodywork and Massage Practitioners.

Laura has had some profound results with elite athletes, elite dancers, and musicians.

Laura's Practice Philosophy

Laura sees herself as a practitioner and Health and Wellness Coach who offers her clients a gentle, kind and caring way to experience wellness in all areas of their lives. With this work, clients' bodies learn to be their own doctors. With BodyTalk - the goal is not to help someone survive and get by - it's to help them enjoy life better by helping client's attain high level wellness. You probably don't even know how great you can feel!

The philosophy Laura relies on in her work is that your most advanced doctor is within: the body's infinite wisdom. Within each one of us, an intelligence is at work that is often beyond our comprehension. A client's innate wisdom, when more balanced and in better tune with all of the parts and systems, can help the body heal at the physical, mental, and spiritual levels. Basically, when a client's innate wisdom is in synchronicity, we can then see the miracles of even seemingly incurable diseases go away.

Laura is a former college basketball coach. She has a special knack for working with artists, athletes, dancers, performers, and avid yoga students to help them improve their training and performance. Please visit for more information.

Getting a session from Laura provides clients with deep long-lasting results by addressing the underlying causes behind their aches and pains - not just offering temporary relief of the symptoms.

Although most people initially schedule appointments with Laura to address physical and/or psychological health challenges, most clients continue receiving sessions regularly because they notice amazing changes happening in all areas of their lives. People have noticed improvements in: finding their purpose, better relationships, improved family dynamics, finances and overall life experiences.

Her interest in integrative, emerging and holisitic medicine and Consciousness began and expanded when she was introduced to teachings of Consciousness by leading authors, visionary doctors, and leaders in health and spirituality. 

Now that Laura knows life can feel so good - she loves to share the gift of her knowledge and abilities with others.

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