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Achieve Top Sports Performance

Improved performance and faster regeneration are convincing factors for athletes who use the BEMER

For many years BEMER devices have been constant companions to athletes in competitive and high-performance sports

BEMER is proven to increase micro-circulation & also significantly improves the flow of blood. Muscle cells will receive more oxygen & nutrients. The supply of energy and the removal of metabolic waste are improved. Sports fitness following competitive events can be more rapidly restored.

Prof. Dr. Winfried Banzer from Frankfurt: “Improving micro-circulation through use of the BEMER can have a crucial effect on the fitness level and training program of athletes."

Professional athletes and those involved in recreational sports are always looking for ways in which to optimize their level of fitness and performance.

Benefits include:

* regeneration of the overtaxed body,

* relief from muscle aches

* faster healing of strains

 * and other sport injuries

The BEMER electromagnetic field therapy system offers athletes a legal, side-effect free way of achieving these goals.

Pulsed electromagnetic impulses, up to an intensity equivalent to the earth’s natural magnetic field, are applied to the body. The BEMER signal, developed by the physicist Prof. Dr. Wolf A. Kafka, is different to the impulses generated by other devices because of its particularly broad frequency spectrum.

In their scientific studies Dr. R. Klopp (institute for Microcirculation in Berlin), Dr. K. Spodaryk (Institute for Rehabilitation in Krakau), Dr. R. Jelinek (Charles University in Prague), Dr. B. Villiger (Swiss Medical Center Bad Ragaz) and the sports scientist H. Mchaelis (Academy for Bioenergetics in Liechtenstein) with Karin Möbes were able to produce significant results as to the effect of BEMER therapy.

Benefits of the use of BEMER in sports:

* Athletes will have improved recovery from exertion, as cells under duress can be regenerated and the toxins will be removed rapidly.

* A delay in the onset of muscle ache

* The waste products that are produced during exercise are broken down & removed from muscle and other tissue more effectively.

* Oedemas (swellings) are significantly reduced.

The BEMER treatment stimulates the synthesis and release of repair proteins, involved in tissue repair, dramatically increasing the healing.

By applying BEMER prior to competition/training, the warm-up time is greatly reduced and precious energy is saved. 

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