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Remarkable Wellness is excited to announce our new family member - our amazing BEMER!  See the benefits below. But first - some science. 

FDA Approved. Click HERE to see the FDA approval link.

Official BEMER site. 

The BEMER is a state of the art non-invasive biophysical device. It is the only one of its kind accepted by the FDA as a Class I medical device. It is similar to a yoga mat in size and shape. You lie down, fully clothed, and relax while BEMER delivers a wonderful and healing energy shift to your body, mind, and spirit.

NASA is partnering with BEMER! If it's good enough for NASA - it's good enough for us. See for more in depth information.

BEMER uses a low level pulsed electromagnetic field, with a range similar to that of the earth’s geomagnetic field, to stimulate molecular activity in the cells and support the body’s amazing self healing mechanisms. It optimizes the body’s own natural vitality and well being, helps increase blood flow by 30% with no side effects. This way your body can work efficiently, heal itself, and you will feel great again!

BEMER therapy is a complex method that optimizes energy production by the individual cells (ATP) through improved circulation and increased oxygen utilization, thereby contributing to the overall regulation of the body’s metabolism.

Based on these facts and the benefits observed in clients with a range of severe physical disabilities we can safely say that BEMER therapy is an important and essential foundation for strengthening the body’s self-healing mechanisms, supporting other treatment measures, and decreasing the side effects of prescription medications.

BEMER sessions are $20 a piece. You'll get 8 minutes of Bemer followed by an 8 minute effective and profound energy healing session. 

If you use Bemer two times per day the price is $30 for the day. If you come 5 days per week twice per day, the price is $130 per week. For seven days of BEMER use, the price is $150 per week. 

The benefits of BEMER can be summarized as the following:

Safe without negative side-effects


Improves micro- and macro-circulation

Improves oxygenation of the blood

Improves the blood's ability to transport available oxygen

Strengthens the body’s own immune system

Improves protein synthesis

Improves vitality and “energy”

Compatible with any and all other therapies

Want to buy a BEMER? Click here and we will help you with setup.

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