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Quantum Bio-Spiritual Alignment™

Your Soul Knows

This truly is medicine for your soul. The benefits are for your body, mind, spirit, and your family. Quantum Bio-Spiritual Alignment gets to the essence of healing. This system helps people access better health and well-being. Healing is an inside job, and deep level healing requires a shift in your Consciousness. With a Quantum Bio-Spiritual Alignment session your level of Consciousness/ awareness shifts. Releasing belief systems and helping someone become more aware of his or her thinking patterns, habits, stories, or relationship with self or others is the first step in offering and allowing this shift and expansion in awareness. The Quantum Bio-Spiritual Alignment Practitioner doesn't try to fix the client or make the shift happen. The observation and Awareness of the practitioner is what allows the shift. Helping the physical body, and the more subtle emotional and thinking bodies re-align with the Divine Blueprint of Intelligence are the premise and promise of how Bio-Spiritual Alignment helps you feel better and heal.

Transcend Typical Healing Methods 

It transcends health & healing as we know it. The purpose of Quantum Bio-Spiritual Alignment is to open-source healthcare & it opens the door for all to simple healing methods. In other words, healing is much more simple than the way we've been taught in these times in the western world. Quantum Bio-Spiritual Alignment can be taught to anyone and I've made it accessible to everyone by keeping the cost based on a sliding scale donation. Cutting edged & based on spiritual principles & laws of the universe, it was divinely designed and created with love, intuition, life visioning, intention, and awareness. Agape International Spiritual Center member Laura Mitchell offers classes & sessions coast to coast.

Bio-Spiritual Alignment Practitioners learn about healing as a downward causation. This is because this is how it happens most quickly and at the deepest level. We may not be able to teach each medical practitioner how to do the spiritual part, yet we can teach each spiritual person how to do healing work. We are ALL miracle workers. Yes, you too, can be a conduit for healing in yourself and others. 


It's not just a session. It's an experience! I could never do justice to a Bio-Spiritual Alignment session with words, yet that's how humans work - so here is my attempt:

You will lie fully clothed on a massage table with relaxing music and gentle aromatherapy creating an atmosphere for healing. You will stay mildly awake and in a very relaxed state throughout most of the session. Gentle touch and intuitive insights into why your body/mind are holding patterns allow the release of whatever is blocking you. Re-aligning whatever is out of order within the physical body or the subtle bodies is the key to helping you heal at all levels. It also prevents whatever may be building up because the symptom you complain to your doctor about is something that has been growing for quite some time -even in the case of an injury. A sprained ankle was weakened long before the day you actually sprain it. 


After the session you'll feel calm, mildly energized, more flexible in your joints and muscles and you'll recognize that you've unplugged from the world and your troubles or the things that bother you so that your body and brain were able to reconnect and experience and enhanced communication. What this means to you is that all sorts of healing patterns were set in motion, while old rigid patterns were able to fall away. Peeling back old layers allows for a new and healthier, shinier new you.

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