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Quantum-Bio Sports Medicine™ Sessions

You can call this Quantum-BIo Sports Medicine, Mindbody Sports medicine or you can call it Sports Energy Medicine. Most likely, one of these terms will resonate with you and help you understand what you may not yet understand.

This new, emerging sports medicine is the sports medicine of the future. It's clear to most of us that the old methods aren't efficient and leave much to be desired. If you're ready for healing work for your injuries, true injury prevention and would like to play better, increase your intuition with teammates, and allow your greatness to emerge, try a Quantum-Bio Sports Medicine Session. Safe, non-invasive and effective - quantum-bio sports medicine has been key for many athletes and coaches to return to the game quickly. It goes much deeper than the symptoms and releases injuries that are forming before they show up. An experience you'll be glad you chose...


Quantum-Bio Sports Medicine Sessions include Intuitive Player Development. Click on athletes - on your left for more info about Intuitive Player Development. 


The Quantum-Bio Sports Medicine™ Class is perfect for high school or college student athletes or dancers. (Parents, trainers, and coaches welcome to register too) Learn how to access the zone, learn Sports Emergency Energy Medicine (SEEM), learn how to prevent sports injuries, prep for games and practices, recover after a tough game or practice, dissolve doubt or worry or the stress you experience before games, find out how to play your best and better than your best, connect with teammates and coaches before and during games, and get an introduction to Sports Consciousness and accessing your talent at the highest level. Find your greatness within and unlock the Superstar that was born within you.

NEXT CLASS: December 14th in Los Angeles.

Cost: $159 for a three session package that includes Intuitive Player Development.

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