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Sustainable Selfcare™

YOU are a sustainable organism. Learn how to sustain your sustainable body effectively.

If we look inside ourselves for the answers to health, wellness, happiness & spiritual evolution, we will find them. In a way this is a concept that can be hard to hear. It's up to me? Well, yes, partly. Learning more about how to heal your own body will get you on the road to wellbeing and living the life you are meant to live quickly.


Sustainable Selfcare™ is healthcare to empower you to: reveal the doctor within, find purpose in life, have meaningful experiences, and collaborate with others for this movement towards Higher Consciousness that we are all taking part in whether we choose to or not. You don't have to wait until your practitioner can fit you in to feel better! 

This three hour class is a gift to yourself!


* Learn how to sustain your sustainable body more effectively

* Feel empowered in your wellbeing. 

* Have a sense of calm and well-being when you need to

* Relieve headaches quickly

* Lift brain fog and clear your mind

* Shift overwhelm to relax and focus

* Diffuse anxiety or panic

* Erase exhaustion and replace it with energy

* Heal injuries more quickly 

* Relieve pain naturally

* Feel a sense of well-being

* Relax your nervous system and boost your immune system

Humans, Dancers, Athletes, Artists, & Warriors4Consciousness welcome!


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