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I've worked on many NCAA Football National Champions, NBA Coaches, NCAA Coaches, NFL Coaches, NBA champions including a couple of 4-time NBA champions, several Super Bowl Champions and world champions. Because of their high profiles, I don't use their testimonials. Be assured that you'll be among an elite group when you get sessions. Here are a few testimonials: 


"Laura's ability to do intuitive player development has helped my career and focus."

"Laura's intuitive and holistic sports medicine talent combined with her other skills make her sessions a must for an elite athlete hoping to gain the edge, prevent injuries, or heal quickly. Laura Mitchell is a difference maker in the world of sports."

J'Marcus Webb

2010 NFL Chicago Bears Rookie

Starting Tackle



Due to anxiety with everyday stresses and trying to lose weight, I went to see Laura for Body Talk.   After my sessions with her, I am more relaxed and have the motivation to succeed to loose weight.  The weight has been coming off more easily and staying off.   Thanks Laura for making me feel alive again!




My daughter's tooth was sideways in the gum. She had a session with Laura and Laura said to expect progress to show up within about a week and exactly a week later - on our visit to the orthodontist - the dental hygenist was amazed because she'd seen us each day and no tooth had been at all visible up to that time. She was very much amazed, as were we.

Melissa Bunt



I'd been having hives for 20 years. After my session with Laura I was able to reduce my allergy medicine dosage significantly. I've felt much more calm and patient. I recently lost a closely family member and BodyTalk has been helpful for dealing with my grief.

49 year old female


Laura's work with my children has been amazing! It's helped us have a more natural and organic healthcare experience. My children, my husband and I thank you Laura!

Amanda, Mom of 2 children.

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