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Come experience the newest in healthcare, mind-body medicine, nutrition, and wellness.

Clients are using (Quantum) Bio-Spiritual Alignment sessions, which include the theories and philosophies and techniques of BodyTalk , food as medicine, BEMER therapy, emotional trauma release, and Chinese medicine theory for a more balanced life and improved wellness. We have to go from the metaphysical the physics to the chemistry to the biology for healing. Not the other way around. Our current health model is in need of an update. 

Through the (Quantum) Bio-Spiritual Alignment system, you can expand your awareness This often leads to a new sense of balance in my clients' lives. Many clients have experienced improved health, wellness, and even relationships. The time has come for the treatment of our bodymind to include not only the physical, but the emotional and environmental and metaphysical. The quantum and spiritual medicine revolution has begun. Shifts in Consciousness heal the human body, mind and spirit. Quantum Bio-Spiritual Alignment sessions offer those shifts and you'll feel better fast. Remarkable Wellness' mission is to self-empower people, open-source healthcare and allow access to great healthcare to EVERYone.

                                                                                          --- xoxo, Laura


The World Health Organization has defined health as: "a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity" . Recently, this statement has been modified to include the ability to lead a "socially and economically productive life." At Remarkable Wellness we'd like to expand that definition to include intellectual, spiritual and emotional well-being too.

In other words: Don't just be not sick...Be Remarkable.

Some facts.

  • Scientific studies suggest that stress is responsible for over 90 percent of the disease and illnesses in America. Stress basically equals death. Why not live a VERY VERY long time by reducing the effects of stress in your life?
  • 75 to 90% of all doctors' office visits are for stress related ailments and conditions.
  • Stress is the most fundamental killer of people today.
  • With an office visit to Remarkable Wellness, you balance the negative effects of STRESS to reveal the healthiest you. We'll spend more than 16 minutes with you during your visit with us.
  • With a visit to Remarkable Wellness your brain begins to better deal with the effects of stress over the long term. What does that mean to YOU?

Some Truths

  • You CAN be healthy and well
  • Your body CAN heal.
  • You CAN improve your thoughts with Remarkable Wellness
  • You CAN be happier - for no reason
  • There IS hope for having each day of your existence be the most magnificent day of your life.
  • You CAN wake up and find your purpose - at any age
  • You CAN find joy in each moment of each day.
  • You CAN have healthy and wonderful relationships

When you work with Laura, you train your body, brain, and heart to manage stress, belief systems, perceptions, and day to day thoughts in a way that allows your body's systems to be in better balance. That helps you be healthier than you thought you could be. Why not enhance your body's communication in a simple, relaxing, totally safe and non-invasive way. Feel Better! Recognize your connection to the Universal Consciousness that connects us all. It's organic, gentle, profound, and all natural. Working with Laura will re-awaken the doctor within you. Your infinite wisdom has everything you need for health and wellness.

What this means to you is that you'll experience health on a whole new level. You'll begin to feel free, stop fearing illness or disease and thinking "what if" and once more empowered about how to be healthy, major shifts will take place.

It just makes sense that your body has an inherent ability to heal itself doesn't it? When you get out of the way and rediscover your truest essence you'll see that the real you is a healthy, resilient and vibrant being.

At Remarkable Wellness we offer consciousness based medicine - which just means that it can go beyond other purely physical or energy-based modalities in its effectiviness. It's Quantum and it's BIO-SPIRITUAL. It works at the subconscious level when necessary. Emotional, physical and spiritual balance can be accomplished in a way you may never have imagined. When Chinese Medicine, Quantum Physics, Neurobiology, Intuition, Intention, Observation and Western Medicine meet in one spot - the results are fabulous and long lasting.

One of the best benefits you'll find when you work with me is that your body will begin to deal with stress in a way that allows you to be in a rest and relax state far more often - instead of in chronic fight or flight syndrome. You'll say - oh okay instead of "oh NOOOO!" and your friends and family will notice how much more fun and more mellow you are to be around. Just ask me. I know from experience. A successful healthcare practice must include patient as partner in the health and wellness process. When you choose me - Laura as your Bio-Spiritual healthcare practitioner - I'll be your partner in health, not your healer. The healing really is an inside job. We are the only ones who can heal ourselves. In the beginning most of us need a practitioner to show us the way. I did. Actually, I still do for some things. My level of empowerment and the knowing I have that I can heal quickly and in a simple way is perhaps one of the greatest freedoms to offer your human self. Choosing the proper pracitioner makes ALL the difference in how this paradigm shift happens for you. Make a powerful choice. When you come in for a visit with me - Laura, you will feel listened to and your benefits will go beyond the session. Expect great stuff for days, weeks, months and years afterwards.

Don't just be not sick.


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