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Are you ready to commit to greatness? For the sake of excellence on the field or on the court:

Intuitive Player Development (IPD)

Sports Energy Medicine (SEM) 

See for more in-depth information for athletes about the MindBody Sports Performance Institute.

Intuitive Player Development (IPD) is a genius creation in sports performance. It combines physical, emotional, and champion mind solutions to allow your inner champion to emerge with a ferocity you've never experienced. In fact, this work goes beyond your mind and body to your subconscious mind, super subconscious mind and more. Using IPD builds your brain's capacity and re-connects your body's infinite intelligence to all of your systems and parts to help your body work excellently and to help you have a better awareness of where your thoughts lead you astray. When you create this new awareness, excellence will be your everyday way.

With IPD you'll learn to access the zone and universal consciousness more easily and more automatically. Adding intuition to your performance like this allows your performance to exceed your physical talent and will garner better results. Adding or Blending intuition to your five physical senses helps your instincts and offers you more flow during games and practices, and helps you read your opponents better. Let the performance come through you not from you. Master this and you'll Awaken the champion within

 About Coach Mitchell aka Laura

Coach Mitchell is a Sports metaPhysician. SmP. She discovered the Intuitive Player Development System and Quantum-Bio Sports Medicine System through her over two decades as an athlete, coach, sports counselor and sports medicine healer. She is a former NCAA Head Coach, NCAA two-sport athlete, and the mom of an elite ballet dancer who dances professionally in Russia. Those experiences combined with her knowledge, experience, and discovery of Quantum-Bio Sports Medicine, quantum physics, athletic performance, and coaching and training strong athletes in mind, body and spirit has led to the development of Sports Dreammakers Inc., and the founding of the MindBody Sports Performance Institute.

Laura's Clientele

Clients include NBA Coaches, WNBA Coaches, NCAA Coaches, NBA Champions, NFL SuperBowl Champs, MLB and NCAA players, plus some talented elite HS players, and her list of clients also includes many National Championship players at both the collegiate and pro levels.

Laura's specialty with athletes is in creating an Intuitive Player Development Program that is tailored to each athlete's specific needs for pre-performance, best games ever, post performance, team connection, sports nutrition, training plans, and gametime focus, injury prevention and quick healing post injury or post surgery. All of this can be accomplished through Intuitive Player Development sessions. 

Benefits Our Athlete Clients Have Enjoyed

Your Inner Champion Will Rise to the Top

Improved Flexibility

Improved Confidence

Improved Metabolism

Amazing Recoveries

Fewer Injuries

Quicker recovery from practices and games

Minimize pain and soreness

More stamina

Fewer dropped passes

More made shots

Play Better Under Pressure

Get out of the slump

Less stressed

Feel and be your best more easily

Feel more grounded in your body

Better Focus

Heal more quickly from injuries

Improved fast twitch muscle speed

Better Hand/Eye Coordination

Better grades

And much more...


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