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When you are committed to soaring with the world's best dancers you must be willing to seek excellence when others settle for mediocrity. For the sake of excellence: Intuitive Dance Development.

Intuitive Dance Development (IDD) was specifically created to help you have your greatest performances, dance without injuries more often, keep the joy in dancing, and feel more comfortable in front of an audience than ever before. It also helps you with flexibility, coordination, pre-performance anxiety, eating disorders, boosts your metabolism, and helps you have that magnetic presence on stage. And much more. Great results in all of these areas are possible when you use Intuitive Dance Development.

I've seen IDD work firsthand, as my son is currently a student with Edward Ellison's Professional Ballet Training Program in NYC and was a full scholarship student in The Gelskey Kirkland Academy's inaugural years. He has been invited to summer programs at SAB, Houston Ballet, Miami City Ballet, San Francisco Ballet, Pacific Northwest Ballet, The Rock School, ABT, Harid, and more. He has attended several prestigious year round programs. His pursuit of excellence has served as an experiment in just how far this work can go in helping dancers be their best yet. The secret is...the excellence doesn't need to be pursued. It's already within you. Reaching this high level of excellence is your destiny! Intuitive Dance Development just leads you on the right path.

Struggling or Injured Dancers

IDD goes beyond helping you just physically feel better. When you eliminate belief systems that no longer serve you, self esteem soars. Balance old emotional patterns and you'll feel better than you knew you could. This work is able to significantly shift any struggling dancer off the path of mediocrity or constant injuries and turn you towards the path of excellence.

Benefits Dancers Have Experienced

Improved Flexibility

Improved Confidence

Improved Metabolism

Fewer Sick Days

Improved digestion

Quicker recovery from rehearsals and classes

Minimize pain and soreness

More stamina

Less stressed

Improved stage presence

Feel and be your best more easily

Feel more grounded in your body

Jump better

Better Focus

Heal more quickly from injuries

Improved fast twitch muscle speed

And much more...



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