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The Art and Science of BodyMind Balance

Routine horse care is an ongoing and significant expense. When you integrate mindbody energy equine medicine as part of your plan, you can save money and have a healthier, happier horse. It's a gentle modality, and your horse will reap the benefits - and so will you!

When I work with your horse, my focus will be to awaken the body, mind and spirit connection so healing can be organic, gentle and natural. My methods are non-invasive and safe. I don't do any manipulation. With my unique blend of intuition, Holistic and Ancient theories - this form of healing often leads to a greater overall outcome. Everything in the human - and equine body can be connected to every other thing in the body. Through this emerging type of work we seek to unravel the markers collected in your horse and release tension and tightness in the body and the mind. Past clients have reported their horses having fewer attitude problems, being more amenable to being ridden, less anxiety or skittishness, healthier coat, more affectionate, fewer digestive problems, and some serious health problems have been averted. 

This advanced and enlightened paradigm of healing gets to the root of the problem and heals it at the deepest and subconscious level, rather than masking it with drugs and surgery the way modern medicine tends to do.

Sessions for horses are $125. The total time spent specifically with your horse after intake is about 30 minutes - or until your horse feels complete. Animals are far more in tune with this - than most adults. One session every week or two is ideal in the beginning and then you may find it best to taper off to a session per month. The session price includes travel within the LA area, as I doubt you'll be bringing your horse to my Santa Monica apartment! But you can.

If you prefer that we incorporate BEMER therapy or BEMER red light therapy, that's an option too. 





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